Renewable Entrance Matting

uk entrance matting systems

UKM matting systems are designed to be 100% renewable and virtually 100% recyclable ensuring maximum resource of materials over the long term. Furthermore under ISO 9001:2000 we provide fully compliant disposal of all materials when the matting is finally replaced.

Matting Renewal

uk entrance matting systems

Renewal Programme:

  • Free survey
  • Options and recommendations
  • Fixed price quotation
  • Materials samples
  • Out of hours operation
  • Final inspection
  • Warranty documentation


UKM manufacture to ISO standards. The ISO 9000 series set by the International Standards Organisation provides a Quality Assurance system for world class companies in almost 100 countries.

Firmly established as a major manufacturer of entrance flooring products and with recent completion of its new purpose-built, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, UKM Manufacturing is uniquely positioned to provide rapid response solutions to customers needs. UKMat Group is an innovative organisation engaging new technologies in the improvement of entrance matting products.


A major factor in UKM’s success is the ability to build long term business relationships with customers through its comprehensive after sales service; ranging from on-site deep cleaning processes, maintenance and damage repair services and comprehensive refurbishment programmes unique to UKM. The company also provides the security of 24/7 emergency call out when safety is an issue. Properly maintained matting ensures the highest level of performance in efficiency and appearance of the installation.


uk entrance matting systems

One of the first companies of its kind to achieve CSCS status, UK Entrance Mats Ltd appreciates the value of Construction Site Operative Industry Accreditation and Health and Safety awareness requirements, as laid out by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme. All UKM operatives carry CSCS identification cards.

The Installation Division of the group have many years of experience in working with architects, builders and contractors on projects large and small in all sectors. As a private company we take particular pride in our achievements and will never accept or hand over work that falls short of our aspirations to maintain the highest standards.