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Specification Guidelines

Standards and Regulations
BS 7953: 1999 Entrance flooring systems - selection, installation and maintenance Cross References BS 5325 : 2001 Installation of textile floor coverings - code of practice BS 5557 : 1992 ISO 2424 : 1992 Textile floor coverings - vocabulary BS 8203 : 2001 Code of practice for installation of resilient floor coverings BS 8204 : 2003 Screeds, bases and insitu-floorings. Part 1: Code of practice for concrete bases and screeds to receive insitu-floorings DD 240 (All parts) Fire safety engineering in buildings BS is a form of guidance and recommendation. It should not be quoted as a specification and particular care should be taken to ensure that claims of compliance are not misleading. Building Regulations 2000 - Approved Document M "Access to and use of buildings" England and Wales Extracts from the Building Regulations
PART M ACCESS TO AND USE OF BUILDINGS Access and Use M1. Reasonable provision shall be made for people to- a) gain access to : and b) use the building and its facilities.
Approved Document M Provisions (Entrance Lobbies)
2 - 29 (e) Floor surface materials within the lobby do not impede the movement of wheelchairs e.g. not coir matting, and changes in floor materials do not create a potential trip hazard. 2 - 29 (f) The floor surface helps to remove rainwater from shoes and wheelchairs. 2 - 29 (g) Where matwells are provided, the surface of the mat is level with the surface of the adjacent floor finish.
Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004 and Section 4 (Safety) of the Non-domestic and Domestic Technical Handbooks.
Northern Ireland
Building Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2000. Technical Booklet R. Access and facilities for disabled people (Dec 2000). Information contained in this publication may be subject to Crown copyright.

Architects Specification Notes

Typical installation recessed in matwell
UKM Design 17mm Entrance Matting System
Typical installation flat to floor surface
UKM Classic 12mm Entrance Matting System
How to specify UKM products
N10 General Fixtures/Furnishings/Equipment N10/300 Entrance Matting Manufacturer: UKMat Group (01706 843589) Entrance Matting: UKM Design O 17mm 24 AN entrance matting system Colour: Anthracite Size: 2400mm x 1200mm Frame: UKM1A 25 x 25 x 5mm mitred for site assembly Size: 2400mm x 1200mm inside dimension Recommendations: Plug and screw frame to recess formed in existing floor and make good, screed matwell base to correct depth to leave new matting surface level with specified floor finish.

UKM product codes

Example: UKM Design entrance matting

UKM DE O 17 24 AN

UKM UKMat Manufacturer DE Design Product name O Open Surface construction 17 17mm Thickness of mat 24 TN24 Wiper strip material AN Anthracite Colour choice

Airport, rail and marine specification

Specification 3 UKM entrance flooring systems are available custom made to individual design requirements exceeding the most stringent international fire safety standards for rail and marine applications including:- BS 6853 Class 1a: NF F16-101 Class M1,F0 DIN 4102 Class B1 NFPA 130 and IMO Res A653(16)